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What’s Important to an Employer?

The fifth in a series of interviews with Pete Testa, founder of So far you’ve identified quality and quickness as important attributes that a recruiter has to offer employers. This week you’re adding accuracy to that list – how does that come into... read more

Evolution of the Solar Industry

The second in a series of interviews with Pete Testa, founder of How would you say the solar industry is evolving? The solar industry is a relatively new industry, in terms of a job market. It may arguably still be in its infant stage, but it’s... read more

Employer Recruitment Process

Employer’s Recruitment Process There are five main things that an employer is looking for from the recruitment process as they look to fill a position. They are: Quality Quickness Accuracy Responsiveness Relevancy Let’s look at quality first. One of the most... read more

Director of Process Engineering

Company Description: Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) / Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) / Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and Ion Implantation Job Title: Director of Process Engineering Solar Job Category: Engineering Position City: Gloucester Position State: MA Position... read more

Site Manager

Company Description: EB Mask Writer / Mask Inspection System / Epitaxial Job Title: Site Manager Solar Job Category: Customer Support Position City: San Jose Position State: California Position Country: United States Experience: +5 years Employment Type: Full-Time Job... read more