The second in a series of interviews with Pete Testa, founder of

How would you say the solar industry is evolving?
The solar industry is a relatively new industry, in terms of a job market. It may arguably still be in its infant stage, but it’s rapidly approaching adolescence. The technology for Solar Power is there, now it needs to be developed and brought to the public on a larger scale, both in the commercial and residential sectors.

With explosive growth expected in solar, how do employers and services like TestaSolarJobs help to manage the transition of so many people who will necessarily be new to the industry? 
Congress and the President have acknowledged that millions of jobs need to go over to the solar industry, but it needs to happen one position at a time. That’s realistic, and that’s how this industry will build. Talking about 4,000,000 jobs going to solar over the next ten years is staggering, but true, and it starts with one person getting the next available job in the solar industry. That’s where the focus of TestaSolarJobs is: one company, one person, one job at a time.

What’s needed to fuel this development?
Professionals within the industry, within an organization, top to bottom. It’s the people within the industry that are going to drive it and make it successful.

Employers, and the hiring decisions that they make, are a vital part of helping to grow the solar industry. They need to focus on the functionality that they want this person to bring to the industry. A marketing professional can be functional in the semiconductor space, but we need to make sure that they have the functionality and experience that translates easily and readily to solar.