Evaluating Candidates for Solar Job Positions

How does an employer know which job candidates will translate well when transitioning into the solar industry?
Their accomplishments and achievements within a specific industry will tell you a lot. An important feature of TestaSolarJobs is employers’ ability to work directly with me via Pete Testa Elite to assist further with the pre-screening for a contingency (meaning fee contingent on a successful hire) or retain search.

There are very few online recruitment platforms that provide employers with that opportunity to get recruitment assistance from a highly experienced professional in the field. Monster has no link that says, “I’ve got a search. I’ve exhausted my other resources, and I need someone to help me.” But TestaSolarJobs does exactly that.

How do you evaluate if a particular job candidate is right for a position?
Actually, it’s not up to me to make that determination. It’s really all about what the company or hiring manger is looking for. I listen carefully to the specific needs of the hiring manager, who in turn is representing the company, and I rely on them to provide me with the criteria, or filters, for that search.

So my attitude is that I’m not making the decision about who gets hired. Instead, my responsibility is to determine everybody who’s available who meets the company’s needs, and then let their hiring managers choose from that carefully selected pool. It’s in the screening process where TestaSolarJobs can help those managers, especially if many of the candidates come from another industry – someone has to help screen them and make sure that their skills will be transferable to the solar space.

On the other side of the coin, I get a lot of satisfaction out of bringing a jobseeker to the position that he or she was looking for. Absolutely, over the course of my nearly 25 years in recruiting, I’ve been able to help thousands of jobseekers to better their careers and better their lives.

Today’s technology-oriented candidates know that given where we’re going as a nation, change has to happen. So there will be a lot of people coming into this industry, and any tools that will make the process of recruitment more efficient, for employers and jobseekers alike, is that much more valuable. That’s the purpose of TestaSolarJobs: to help fill each available position with the best qualified person.

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