Employer Recruitment Process

Employer’s Recruitment Process

There are five main things that an employer is looking for from the recruitment process as they look to fill a position.

They are:

  • Quality
  • Quickness
  • Accuracy
  • Responsiveness
  • Relevancy

Let’s look at quality first. One of the most important parts of evaluating if someone is a quality applicant is the question, “Is this person’s experience relevant to my needs?” In the solar space, that relevancy is very important. For example, a solar process engineer is different from a solar installer. The process engineer is involved with the development of the technology, while the installer is involved with its implementation in the installation stage.

The HR executive at a company needs to know that the tools they’re using, like TestaSolarJobs, is going to be able to break down the specific components within the search that leads to a quality candidate. TestaSolarJobs is a pre-screening tool for the solar industry, and then we help to break it down even further for enhanced relevancy and speed.

This is important to HR personnel, because in general they have to wear a lot of hats — recruiting is just a small part of what they do. At any one time they may also be dealing with Equal Opportunity issues, medical benefits, disciplinary issues, and beyond. So the quicker we can make the recruiting process by leading them to a quality candidate, the better.

The people in charge of hiring at companies – whether it’s for the solar industry, semiconductors, or greeting cards – actually have many other issues that they actually have to give priority to over recruiting. If they haven’t been able to pay a lot of attention to it, they could find themselves suddenly under pressure from their line managers to quickly fill a position with a quality applicant.

So even though applicants see these HR professionals as the gatekeepers who are in control and in command, the fact is that they need a lot of help themselves! A tool like TestaSolarJobs can be a big assist in locating the quality candidate that employers need, and making the hiring process as seamless as possible for HR specialists everywhere.

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