When You Need A Qualified Candidate Fast

Employers in the solar industry can further accelerate their search for the highest-quality personnel with Pete Testa Elite (PTE).

Pete Testa, founder of the industry’s leading online recruitment site, TestaSolarJobs.com, can provide enhanced recruiting consulting via PTE. With PTE, employers get direct access to Pete Testa and his 30 years of experience of recruiting for high-tech industries – hands-on attention that the bigger job sites simply can’t offer.

Specializing in the identifying, recruitment, and marketing of professionals for the semiconductor and solar energy industry. Pete Testa’s accomplishments include:

  • Developed state of the art software tools and resources to assist in the recruitment cycle
  • Created and maintain a data base of over 10,000 qualified candidates
  • Established a team of independent recruiters nationally to help support and meet goals
  • Assisted numerous corporations (to include Applied Materials, Carl Zeiss, Varian and Oxford Instruments) upgrade their bottom line through the recruiting of talented individuals whom they may not have found themselves
  • Helped over 500 hundred individuals leverage their careers and assist in brokering new career opportunities
  • Won the top 10 award in the production category in 1987, 1991 & 1992 in a corporation comprised of over 2500 recruiters
  • Assisted in establishing a top 10 office category five times in a corporation with over 450 offices
  • Personally recognized with over 50 awards for production and team work accomplishments

In addition to the comprehensive recruitment tools that are always available at TestaSolarJobs.com, PTE puts the power of contingency and retained searches at the fingertips of employers.

One-to-one service from one of the nation’s most proven recruiters provides the solar industry with the most accurate, responsive solutions available anywhere.

When quality candidates are needed at top speed, PTE is the answer. Contact us at info@testasolarjobs.com to start putting Pete Testa Elite to work for you.