Time is of the Essence when filling a Position

Why is it particularly important for a recruiter to be able to work quickly?
An employer needs to know that their job is a top priority. Be it a hiring manager or HR personnel, they need to know that their position has been given prominence in the queue. In my 24 years of experience in recruiting, the system I’ve developed for working is actually that there is no queue: When a position develops, I act on it immediately. That’s ingrained with my basic attitude – it’s how I would want to feel when I ask somebody for customer service.

On the employer side, what’s typically happening that’s spurring their need for fast action?
When they come to me, there’s often a sense of urgency. They need a position filled immediately, and the lack of the person they need could impact their own revenue stream, their own ability to execute great customer service…it runs the gamut of the company. Something that was getting covered now isn’t, and if it’s a hands-on hiring manager, they may be the one doing the work. They really need help because they’re doing two or three different jobs.

Compounding that situation is the fact that they’re now in a competitive mode for the best talent in the market, whether that talent is actively looking for a position, or not looking and needs to be recruited. We want to help them get to the top talent first, and my responsiveness – a do-it-now attitude — at those times is crucial.

What time factors are in play on the jobseeker side?
If the jobseeker is unemployed, then there’s a sense of urgency on their part to find a position. If they are employed, then that means they have options, and we may only have a limited time to make the best offer.

Looking at the solar industry in particular, this urgency gets compounded yet again. This is a sector that is very dynamic, very fluid, and TestaSolarJobs and our one-to-one recruitment arm, Pete Testa Elite (PTE) is very in touch with that rapid growth.

TestaSolarJobs.com is a real-time platform that extends what I’ve been doing for 25 years as a contract recruiter and realizes it as a Web-based tool, with all the immediacy that implies. But it also comes back to a one-on-one platform with PTE, where employers can work directly with me for contingency and retained searches that are particularly intensive, complicated or confidential in nature.

Everything about our society is fast-paced, but how do quickly-resolved recruitment efforts specifically pay off for companies?
The search gets filled, and they can move on. Hiring managers and HR personnel have so many other areas of responsibility, they’re extremely appreciative when TestaSolarJobs or PTE can come in and help out. On the other side of that coin, it’s certainly satisfying for the jobseeker that quickly got the career-enhancing position they were looking for.

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